sign up NOW! Up to 35%
less than GTA market
sign up NOW! Up to 35%
less than GTA market

Why us?


Professional design team, make the best design plan. Highlight the advantages of your house and cover-up its disadvantages. Help to sell your house “faster and at a higher price”. We own a 12,000 sq.ft. warehouse with plenty of furniture supply. 10 years’ experience, know the real needs of house selling.


Trustworthy professional service, No worry about any loss or damage. You just need to give us the key; we will do everything for you such as renovation, cleaning, moving, and staging, etc. You do not have to wait for appointments with all kinds of agents or contractors. During the process, you do not have to supervise on-site either. Same as you, we will endeavour to achieve the same final goal – sell your house  “faster and at a higher price”.   Therefore, you will save time and have no worry.

Save Money:

Choose us, you can get the best return rate on investment; for services with the same quality, you can save 30% of the total price. We sell your house at the highest price for the same type of house in the same community.

Turnkey And Worry-Free, One-Stop Property-Sell Solution

Our Service

  • Home staging, Up to 35% less than GTA market
  • All minor repairs needed before selling house or condo, including but not limited to, fill holes, fix windows and doors, replacing kitchen marble countertop…..
  • Painting Wall
  • Improve, fix or replace lighting
  • The whole house Cleaning
  • Furniture delivery and Moving house

About Us

Are you afraid of clearing out the clutter, cleaning carpets, kitchen, bathroom, painting wall, repairing windows and doors…..?
Tired of listing your house for a long time?
And Frustrated for the offered prices?

Let us do all the tasks for you to give your potential buyers a “move-in ready” feeling and willing to pay more money. Simply put, We, Gracious Home, exclusively offer you a "Turnkey and Worry-Free,One-Stop Property Sell Solution"to sell your house or condo faster and at higher price, usually 3~5% higher.

Why can we do it? Mainly because we have been working alongside many realtors, stagers and designers in GTA for nearly 10 years, we own a 12,000 sq.ft. warehouse and all the furniture, artwork, linens, accessories, and we focus on “One-Stop Property Sell Solution” Only!

After working alongside many realtors, stagers and designers in GTA for nearly 10 years, we have been able to select our inventory based on today’s design demand. 

We offer a wide range of stylish rental furniture and accessories from homes to condos. A conveniently located showroom with knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a fast and easy online ordering experience. We are constantly looking to add to our collection of furniture to help you create the best design for your clients.

We provide One-stop solution – integrated turnkey and worry-free service – to sell your house or condo “faster and at higher price”. Our service price is very reasonable and strongly competitive, up to 35% less than GTA market.

Our staff and delivery people provide excellent service in a timely manner as well as being polite, professional and mindful. We have helped with tight deadlines, alternative product solutions, fast turnaround for deliveries and pickups as well as creative suggestions for room redesigns.

We welcome you to see our 12,000 sq.ft. warehouse, where our knowledgeable and experience staff would be happy to help you. We are open 6 days a week and Sundays by appointment. Please call us to set up a time for us to serve you better.

One-Stop Home Staging Service
sign up NOW! Up to 35%
less than GTA market


“Gracious Home” goes the EXTRA MILE! They really provide One-stop solution. How nice to get their worry-free help!

What is more, the first time I heard their prices was really a very nice surprise!

Since the first try, I shouted to Ada – their sales manager: why did I not know you guys earlier?

Therefore, I ask them to stage all of my listings. And not surprisingly, all my sellers love them.

My listings sold very quickly at very good prices as a result of “Gracious Home” staging.

“Gracious Home” is truly a turnkey, very professional furniture rental company for realtors, stagers and designers.

My sellers and I highly recommend “Gracious Home”.
I believe, you would also recommend them by one try only!
Jackson T

Up to 35% less than GTA market