Victoria International Ballet Academy

The best ballet training for children and adults.

  • 7 Bradwick Dr, Concord, ON L4K 2T4
  • Unveil hidden talents, inspire self-confidence, discipline, and respect through the teaching of classical ballet.
  • Foster creativity and provide unique opportunities for our students to grow and pursue their dreams.

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about victoria international
ballet​ Academy

  • Since 2003 we have been providing the best ballet training to dancers from all over the world according to the Vaganova method.
  • VIBA is the ballet and choreographic division of Arts and Science Academy of Canada.
  • We focus on the success of each student through small class sizes and an individual approach to education.
  • Our founder, Victoria Mironova, is an accomplished Russian ballerina who also received her M. Ed degree from the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburgh, Russia

Our Values:

Respect | Respect for oneself, others, the arts, and the world
Excellence | Excellence through discipline, dedication and outstanding instructors.
Creativity | We foster creativity and curiosity in our students to discover the best version of themselves.
Commitment | Commitment and responsibility towards their dreams and education.
Passion | Passion, resilience and love in a holistic approach to the arts.
Safety | We provide a safe and welcoming school environment.

our services

Victoria International Ballet Academy

(Classes for all ages and levels)

Our classes provide the best ballet training for children, teenagers, and adults in a friendly and welcoming environment. All of our classes are conducted according to the Vaganova method.

We offer classes to children who are aged:

  • 2.5 to 4-years - Focus on ballet basics. Entertaining classes for the little ones.
  • 4 and 5-years - Focus on basic ballet dancing. Strength training. On-stage performance.
  • 6 to 10-years - Tailored Programs available according to the skill and interest level of the student. More than one performance per year.
  • 11 to 18-years - Advanced level training. Participate in in-house productions.

Additional classes include:

  • Contemporary - For dancers aged 8 and up. Stretching and choreography elements.
  • Character Dance - Taught by expert teacher Ms. Elena | Part of classical Ballet productions.
  • Stretching - Classes for dancers aged 6 and up | Good for strength and endurance training.
  • Adult Ballet - Special Program for Adults of all ages. | Beginner, Intermediary and Signature - Ballet Body class

Professional Ballet School

(with academic education on campus)

Our Ballet school offer so many options for building talents who want to excel in a classical ballet dance form. We can offer you services like:

1. Summer Camp 2020 and Summer Intensive 2020
2. Kindergarten
3. Academic School
4. Ballet School

Each department of the Academy is led by talented educators who are also active professionals in their fields. The curriculum is carefully constructed to reflect the present and near-future trends of each area of focus .

Our Philosophy: The Academy was founded on the mandate of inspiring strength and resilience in all students. Discipline and self-management are the foundations of confidence and success. Success is not achieved by chance, rather, it is built through dedication, determination, and hard work.

Adult Ballet

Ballet is an excellent way to get in shape and can be done at ANY age. Develop flexibility, strength and coordination while also focusing on posture correction, endurance, and learning ballet basics.
Our classes provide a welcoming and non-judgmental environment for adult students of all levels. Learn from the best ballet professionals the graceful art form of classical ballet. 


We offer:
* Beginner Adult Ballet
* Intermediate Adult Ballet
* Ballet Body Workout (a ballet-based fitness class)
* Pointe
* Flexibility Training

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*Register with us for 1 year and get 1 month free.

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Janet S
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The studio is very large and spacious. There are 3 studios. I came here for a few adult ballet classes. They are held on Saturdays at 11 AM and Wednesdays at 6 PM for one hour. Great place for adults and kids to learn ballet.
Rana L
Read More
I had a wonderful time at the adult ballet class on Saturday at noon. It was so much fun, even though I had zero coordination.
Anna B
Read More
We joined this school last year in the Fall. My daughter (3.5 y) loves it very much! We are in Miss Liza Mironova class. Our teacher is a wonderful instructor, kind, knowledgeable, gentle, yet she makes kids listen to her during the lesson (which, I understand, is not easy sometimes for that age group). My daughter so far is very enthusiastic about studying ballet and already took part in a couple of performances with the company.

Victoria International Ballet Academy

get 1 month free & free trial! *​

*Register with us for 1 year and get 1 month free.

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